An Open Letter to the 3rd Congressional District

December 14, 2017

Dear friends:

Almost every day, the Republicans who control Washington and Lansing provide fresh proof that they have no interest in governing for the benefit of the American people. Against this backdrop, and after careful consideration, I have concluded that while Fred Wooden, Cathy Albro, and I have our differences in substance and style, they are not so great as to justify the duplicated effort, expense, and potential divisiveness of a primary campaign.

Therefore, I am withdrawing my candidacy for the Democratic nomination to challenge Justin Amash, and will be turning my energy in a new direction, joining the Communication and Finance committees of the Kent County Democratic Party, the latter as chair (pending approval by the Executive Committee). In those capacities, I look forward to working with many of you to make the 2018 election a Democratic landslide for the ages.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my campaign. My hope is that our journey together has only just begun.



Jeff Thomas
Democratic Candidate for
Michigan's 3rd Congressional District