We face serious challenges as a nation. Wages have been stagnant for decades, inequality is rising, the middle class is shrinking, the failed war on drugs is devastating countless lives, and we have the first generation in living memory that does not expect to be better off than their parents.

Even the fundamental promises that have been made to the people of this country, such as a decent retirement backed by Social Security, are being called into question by politicians who follow the credo “every man for himself” – as if our society were a sinking ship.

It is time for a change.

As your representative, I will fight to ensure that our government defends the rights and serves the needs of all Americans – not just the rich and well connected – and that the future of our country is one of opportunity and shared prosperity.

I believe that government is a means for “we the people” to protect ourselves – from those who would attack our freedoms, and those who don’t care who gets hurt while they’re making a buck. It is a way to invest in things that benefit us all, like roads, bridges, and schools, and to offer our neighbors a helping hand when they need it, ensuring that no-one suffers needlessly or is stuck without hope in this land of plenty.

I pledge to uphold the Constitution, to act with integrity, and to ensure that the people’s resources are invested wisely and well.

For more specifics about what I will work to achieve as your representative, please visit the links below. To see how I would have voted on recent legislation compared to Justin Amash, click here.